'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Sunday, February 29, 2004

god moving over the face of the waters

"damnit!" i curse. "i forgot the cheese."

on friday, kate and i went over to see les and cook dinner. it was to be a combined sort of birthday dinner for kate and i, as we didn't do anything terribly exciting except stare at ashton kutcher making his 'face' on my birthday. i was making a mexican torte...thing...for dinner, and had remembered all except the cheese. les and kate supplied me with it, and we progressed.

dinner was fantastic. "fan-fucking-tastic!" the inner voice agrees. very self-bolstering.

i think it was the after dinner bit that made the night go down hill.

"i'm not drunk!" kate proclaims around ten, as she weaves across the bed in search of more vodka. she maintains this stance for about another half hour, until, with a look of surprise, she announces: "i'm drunk!"

"no shit." pipes up the inner voice, but i shush it. just because it has issues about looking after and/or dealing with inebriated people doesn't give it the right to be rude about it.

kate and i take the bus home. i'm ehausted. kate is wasted.

so wasted infact, that she's given herself a minor bout of alcohol poisoning and ends up sitting at her computer desk, retching the "fun" of her night into a bucket.

"motherFUCKER!" screams the inner voice. then, "shit, shit, shit!"

i get up, telling kate to move into the bathroom. she sits there, unmoving. i again stress the importance of the bathroom. the last thing me or my inner voice wants at this point is vomit on the floor. she eventually complies, but by then, the room smells like the worst part of any party i've ever been to.

"get me the fuck out of here." quiet and low. "right. fucking. now." i comply, grabbing my bible and a blanket on the way out.

sometimes i'm kind of selfish, but helping out people who smell like vodka vomit has never exactly topped my to-do list. so i sit in the hall, reading my bible and thinking.

not exactly how i imagined the outcome of my evening.

my version involved more hot men.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

me and cinderella

kate and i have begun to leave the curtains open all the time. if we sleep with them open, it means that we are greeted with the sun in the morning when we wake up. it shines through the window, painting slats of joy across the beddng, the walls and the floor.

i dig the sun.

you are my joy

i looked at the man in front of me incredously.

"ten minutes?" he nods. "i'll be fast." i tell him as i dash away with my cart.

typically, kate and i do our shopping on thursdays. that way we can pick up anything we might need or want to take to leslie's house on friday, without having to worry about stopping half way there and catching the right bus and dragging it all around. however, this thursday we're going to see the vagina monologues, so we had to do our shopping a day early.

i mastered that giant loblaws even though i had no idea where anything was.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

phoebus apollo

walking back from our lecture on the goddess, i was feeling pretty good.

"i think i might get a coffee." i tell liz. i finished the essay, but was up very late doing so. caffeine would definately get me through the three hours of english class that lay ahead of me this evening.

"i guess i could just make a coffee." i project into the brisk air. "yeah." i keep rambling to myself. "but i would have to buy milk. but you know what? they had one percent milk at abstentions." i keep going, not sure if liz is fully conscious to my mundane babblings. " i'm thinking that if i'm not careful i'll end up surrounded by milk cartons in a full fledged milk binge."

i recognize that i am speaking to myself. however, what i fail to recognize is that lindsey and liam are just in front of us.

we spend the next few minutes discussing how i can get over my milk addiction.

they even share stories about how they too became addicted to one percent milk.

"it's the happy hiking man on the front." liam confides in me.

and celebrate

" i swear to god i'll kick myself muthafucker!"

i snap to attention suddenly. this isn't the inner voice. it wouldn't be so angry, nor would it really be able to say anything at this point in time anyways. i've been chained to my computer for close to twelve hours, procrasting and pretending to churn out an essay.

"i wasn't kidding you blowed up baboon assed bastard!"

i don't really know who's saying it. my guess is that it's coming from either my back, which never takes kindly to my hunched typing poistion, or my posterior, which has been subjected to an ass-numbingly boring day.

"stuff it." ah, the bitter sarcastic tones of the inner voice. how i've missed it.

and i wonder why people think i'm not on the same level as everyone else...

Sunday, February 22, 2004

the most gigantic words in the dictionary

"it's because i'm emotionally attached to the land." i tell kate.

we're talking about owen sound. when we woke up we were assualted with the hard fact that we were in residence...again. our only option for food was the cafe...again. we couldn't recline on our couches...again. the places of our childhood memories were far away...again. our familes, whom we love, couldn't be physically poked...again.

however, we could eat rice crisps first thing in the morning...again. we could listen to whatever music we wanted...again. we could walk to the library in less than ten minutes...again. we could swear freely...well, i think we can do that at home but it seems less badass here.

there's so many upsides to both places. including the emotional attachment.

"you're emotionally attcahed to milan?" kate asks me.

"no..no. the land."

that early morning rice crisp got in the way of my mouth.

Saturday, February 21, 2004


kate hunches her shoulder and i furrow my brow.

we're trying to say the same thing without coming across as whiny, ungrateful, pathetic losers.

we succeed.

i want to take what's left

"but it's going to fall off!" whines the inner voice.

kate and i are standing on the very crowded bus that will ship us to bayfield. i have a feeling that if we do not get off soon, the inner voice will begin to tell me that it knows what it's like to be a sardine. as it stands, it just seems to be content to bitch about the heavy duffel bag i am lugging around.

"it's not going to fall off." i tell it.

"oh yes it is!" such vehemence.

i finally let it have its way, piling the duffel bag on an empty seat. after all, a voice in my head should deserve some kind of power, even if it isn't real power.

Friday, February 20, 2004

turn a whiter shade of pale

"holy crap!" i exclaim to the empty room. "it's the one where they jump in the pool at the end!"

i woke up planning to cram stuff into my day. instead, i flipped on the tv to see which dawson's creek episode was on. first, it was the dawson and joey break up, and then, the all night study session one.

"oh man. i freaking love this show." again, to the empty house.

so, i sat around in a lacy slip watching bad teenaged dramas for the morning.

i'm going to miss the home life when i go back to school.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


"oh pacey." i exclaim to the empty house. "i wish you were my boyfriend."

i used to watch that bad ass show know as dawson's creek back in the day. tbs puts it on for four hours in the morning, so i watched three hours of it this morning. not the best of choices, seeing as how i have a paper to write, and fuckload of bible to read.

this whole reading week title really is deceiving.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

eerie silence

i was dreaming.

i'm not quite sure what it was, but it involved a chase of some sort with a blond woman. regardless, i was dreaming. it slowly faded away however as warm sunlight reflected from a yellow wall back-lit my eyelids.

"meaghannnnnn....you haveeeee to get uuup noooowwww." for once the inner voice was not the bane of my existance in the morning. i knew it was right. i had things to do. i was going to eat a nice breakfast, read a bit of bible and then head downtown after lunch to pay my visa bill and get a new bank card.

i crack open my eyes and stretch like a cat.

"what time is it?" the inner voice wonders.

"i'm guessing ten thirtyish." i tell it. i blindly reach for my watch and pull it mere centimeteres away from my face. i look at it, blink and look again.

"ten thirtyish eh mate?" it seems to be jeering at me.

so my morning plans were out, and my afternoon ones would be as well if i didn't get a move on. it was twenty to two.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

you are my drugs boy

i fell out of kate's van as quickly as i could. it had been a long and seemingly never ending day of train, train and more train. granted, it's a very easy and beautiful way to travel, but there was home right in front of me.

"thank you sooo much." i exclaim as i grab my eighty pounds of baggage and stumble, almost running towards the door.

i am greeted by james blue, holding a beer. he grabs me and makes funny noises.

i drag all my stuff into the house, dropping it on the floor. james, jared and stu bell come down the stairs, grinning like idiots. they welcome me home, all talking at once. i'm handed a cornoa.

"we're listening to sad bastard music. want to come upstairs with us?" who wouldn't want to?

so instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself on bon jovi day, i sat with some of the best people in the world, drank corona, ate pizza pockets and enjoyed life.

boo hoo hoo i'm really fucking sad just couldn't apply to me.

"i am the master of the universe!" my brain tells me. i love it when i'm right.

Friday, February 13, 2004

there is no pain you are receeding

our room has become a cesspool of disgusting random crap.

"dude, this...i mean, man. this is fucking nasty." kate comments as she looks around our flat.

the thing is, we've gone a little slack in the past week when it comes to cleaning. or rather, i've become a little slack. there are piles of things all around the room. none of my books are on the shelf and there has been a strange accumulation of tea bags in random places.

it's definately time for a break.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

because i'm all about value

i scratched my head and banged out another hundred words on the keyboard before i decided that it truly was time to go to bed.

the night before last kate and i stayed up talking. there's no use saying that we were working, because we' weren't. just talking and talking and talking. last night however, we did stay up doing work.

rather, i stayed up and kate went to sleep after her bedtime story.

"helooooooo...now, you do realize that it's two forty am right?" sometimes when it's late the inner voice can only state the obvious. "even if you're not going to go to grinchy's class tomorrow, I COULD USE SOME SLEEP!"

i don't really want to comply, but it's been proven that the inner voice knows best. so i crawl into bed.

when i awake, it's to a fuzzy feeling and a warm glow on my fcae. my feet are sticking out of the bottom of my bed, tucked under the frame, and my left arm is terribly asleep. kate is talking.

"dude. what the fuck?" for a moment i think she's sleeping, until a foreign voice responds from the direction of the door.

"yeah..huh...i'm uh...just checkin' out other people's rooms. hey!" some random person has wandered into our room again with the intent of visiting. great. except for the fact that it's four am, and he's stoned on some sort of substance, methinks homemade draino or something.

kate proceeds to order a very stoned wonder boy to 'get the fuck out because it's four am' and then turns off the light he left on. i hear her mumbling when she crawls back into bed. "crazy fucking...."

five mintes later, wonder boy is back.

"yo..hey. yeah so i so thought that this was like, you know, the room next door. hey do you want to come over?"

kate begins to get slightly...miffed.

"can you get the fuck out?" she asks. "i have class tomorrow."

when kate sounds angry you don't fuck around. unless you're wonder boy. however, after a few more words of "encouragement" wonder boy left and kate got up to turn the light he left on.

"i locked the fucking door." she announces. she crawls back into bed, and we both drift back to sleep.

oh, the wonder of drug induced early morning visits by wonder boys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

we were merely freshmen

people always told me that i would learn great things at university. "your mind will be opened to so many things" they said to me. most of them meant that i would be exposed to new kowledge by means of books and lectures and discussion groups.

i won't remember these things thirty years from now.

what i will remember is sitting up late with kate, talking about dysfunctional families, psychosis, bad music and the demands of society. i will not remember the stresses of papers that have no clear direction or outline. i will remember going on midnight coke runs. i will not remember how much this coke cost. i will remember coffee in the mornings strained through paper towels, not that there were grounds of coffee in every cup i drink. i will remember the anecdotes my teachers tell me, not the lessons they recite.

i think that i'm going to remember what's important.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"don't deny the power of the darkside!" or "michael i can't!"

i wandered in our room directly after kate, or so i thought. she had been in front of me, but our room was empty. i stick the reconaissance-found chocolate bar in the freezer for later and step onto the carpet.

the door opens and kate enters, with greg in tow.

"climb up on your bed." he orders. i raise my eyebrow, the left one.

"i hope you don't mind that i'm going to straddle you."

everything went downhill after that, as i began to choke and flail wildly.

it's amazing how perverted i can make a simple back massage in my head.

you should use extreme caution

eight hundred and fifty seven words.

i have an anthropology essay due on friday, and yesterday, i wrote a huge chunk of it. it was progressing quite nicely.

"fucking piece of cake baby. chocolate frosted cake..mmmm..cake..." that voice had it down like pie. or cake if you will.

and then i talked to pete.

"yeah um, he doesn't want a summary of the book. he wants a summary of the methods used. so like, don't summarize the culture."

"motherfucker." says the voice. all images of cake have suddenly disappeared.

what made us think we were wise and that we wouldn't compromise?

another foiled attempt at breakfast.

i read to kate every night. we've read the hobbit and now we're working on the lord of the rings. every night i read a chapter to her, and every night, she slips away into sleep about three pages into it. i still read the entire thing out loud. it feels like i should.

last night's chapter was long. and it took a long time to read.

this morning i was not ready to get up.

"eeeeyyeeeeee seeeee youuuuuu!" penetrates my sleepy doze.

it's the sauron action figure.

i flail my arms in a wild 'go away' gesture, slipping back into sleep as sauron orders me to "build him an arrrmy wooorthy of moordor!"

yeah right buddy.

Monday, February 09, 2004

the sky is broken

liz and i wander back from the cafeteria after eating a somewhat satisfactory if not strangely familiar dinner of rice and chicken, with salad.

"....stronger?" i couldn't catch a word of what liz was saying, so i ask her to repeat herself.

she laughs and holds her hand up.

"you answered my question with that question. i was wondering if i should speak with more volume."

she is rather soft-spoken. but then i am over-spoken.

yeah, i have the power to make up words on here.

i can see forever into the deep

i twitched awake last night with a loud "AAAARRGHHHH!"

it was enough to make kate jump and ask what was wrong. and it was enough to set my heart racing and make it very hard for me to fall asleep.

i blame it on the coffee.

and sadly, i just got back from a coffee reconaissance mission. it was unsuccessful, but a mission nonetheless.

don't drag my love around

this morning was a good morning.

i woke up with enough time to have a shower, make coffee, drink it and brush my teeth. what a way to start! on to latin class, which was not as nice, but we slogged through it. grinchy tried to make some jokes, but we just wouldn't take.

then came lunch. which was even less nice than the latin grammar.

and then i checked my mail.

there was a letter waiting for me. normally i would be estatic. i was for about three point oh four seconds before the doubt hit me. it was a card from my dad. the first birthday card in years. and inside he had written me a letter.

"i know you don't need advice from 'THE DEAD BEAT DAD'" catches my eye.

sometimes i want to stoop to a really low level and say some really mean things. instead, i wrote my dad a letter.

i only hope it isn't as hollow sounding as i feel right now.

if i should say

"i like how it's like, two o'clock." kate says to me.

"yeah." i respond. even though i don't really like that it' two o'clock.

the only reason why i'm up is because of this damned ethnography. the wheels started turning and i had to do something for it. now i have an outline. great.

"yeah, an outline's great, except now you need to go back and get all those details for the outline, and make sure that they are sourced correctly, and that you use them correctly, and that...."

sometimes i really hate that damned inner voice.

because it was saying all that with a sick sort of glee.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

you make me feel like a natural woman


i grunt. emotion man continues.

"you can't just, you know, fucking, like, treat people like they have no emotions. man. that's like, what you gotta, you know, tell them when they get all freaky."

i grunt again. louder. and yet emotion man still continues his converstaion.

"because, like, man. you're a fucking human dude. you have fucking RIGHTS."

i want to open up the door and scream about my 'fucking rights' to sleep. instead, i give the one fingered salute to the general direction of the hallway and roll over.

deep blue day

my eyes peeled open and i was immediately blinded.

"aaaRRRGGHHHHH!" screamed the inner voice. "turn off the lights damnit! TURN THEM OFF!"

there weren't, however, and lights to turn off because i wasn't being blinded by the lights. it was the sun shining into our room. i forgot to close the curtains last night before crawling into bed.

"aaaggh! melting! i'm freaking melting here!" pause. "hello? did you hear what i said??"

i let it continue with it's griping. i stretch like a cat, and doze lazily while the sun paints images in red across my eyelids.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

just one more peaceful day

a wave of disoreintation sweeps over me.

i was reading on kate's bed, because i can sit up on it. although not engrossing, the land tenures of the baganda tribe were proving to be more accessible than the economic practices they followed in the nineteen thirties.

i look at my poster. i listen to my music. and suddenly, the inner voice pipes up.

"where the hell are you meaghan? do you know what you're doing? do you know who you are? do you have any fucking clue where you're going with all of this?" this is where the disorientation comes in.

the world tips slightly, and i go with it. where am i going? what am i doing? who, in essence am i?

what a cliched bunch of thoughts.

i'm going back to the baganda tribe. ring me if you want me.

and everything i can remember

i cackle evily and the quickly shut down all the open windows on my desktop.

"can't have her finding out what we're planning now for torment can we?" for once the inner voice is actually being of use. joy of joys!

it's amazing what exactly you can find on the internet that you can plague your friends with.

i cackle evily again, and go back to procrastinating.

sky falls you feel like

i'm engrossed in my bed.

the pillows are just right. i have the perfect amount of blankets. my sheets are percail and i'm not tangled in the covers. i'm mashed into all of this like a piece of play-dough gets mashed into the table by a child in kindergarden.

and then, once again: my phone rings. kate grabs it because of my mashed situation.

"meg, the phone's ringing." luckily, she's like a chauffeur or something, and actually hands the phone to me while i'm still in bed. aren't i just the spoiled type?

"hello? my mouth feels like cotton. i really want a piece of gum.

softly, serenly and sweetly my marmee says to me: "hello my meaghan. happy birthday!"

i crack up.

my birthday has always been a confusion. i was a late child, and they were going to induce labour on the seventh of february. my whole family, including the grandparents had it pegged that the seventh would be the day i was born. naturally, it stuck. people still think the seventh is my birthday. my mother still thinks it's my birthday.

i thank her and inform her of the fact that it was yesterday, and she laughs along with me.

we decided that next year we're just going to celebrate on the seventh.

Friday, February 06, 2004

all the things you got all the things you need

"oh JESUS!" i exclaimed as the images flickered across the screen.

as part of my birthday, kate, liz, heather and i went to see the butterfly effect. although not the most grandest of movies, it's definately one that i would go and see again.

afterwards, we walked heather to her bus, and cackled madly and waved even more wildly as she drifted away on the lumbering vehicle.

returning to campus, we talked about simple nothings, rolled in the snowbanks and got belched at by some super unfantastic boyfriend types.

some things cannot be captured properly in words.

so fucking special

i awoke to the phone ringing.

ok, well, i was already mostly awake because love in an elevator was on the radio, and when that song comes on i just know that it's time to get my ass in gear.

i stumbled to the phone.

"hello?" it's slightly strained and muffled, but coherent.

"hey meg! happy birthday!" it was my sister kelly. what an awesome and amazing way to wake up on the occasion of my twentieth.

the rest of the day was normal enough for a friday, except that i got to open presents and pretend that i was somewhat superior to everyone else.

i got another phone call in the afternoon just before i had to leave for my anthropology class.

"yo dude." my older brother, whome i haven't spoken too in ages. christmas seems like ages ago, at least to me. we chatted idly for a bit. then: "shit dude, there's a tool booth. i gotta jet!"

sometimes i miss my siblings more than i think i admit to myself.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

i know you're scared but baby don't you hide

tuesday and pete tell more horror stories about chia, the entity that is their combined room-mate as we walk back from our lecture.

"somehow, they managed to be in both of our rooms while we were getting changed. how the hell did they time that?" pete asks me, as if i might have some sort of explaination for it.

sadly, i don't have an explaination. all i know is i'm glad that kate doesn't have an entity, because i'd probably smoosh it or something after awhile.

i'm gonna tear your walls down

kate and i decided last night that we would go for breakfast this morning. it sounded like a great plan, until this morning.

"yo dude." gansta inner voice, trying to be badass. "yer main man bono is singing. that means it be time to get yer ass outta bed and to the cafe."

"i don't want to go for food!" i tell it. and then roll over and around in order to shut off my alarm.

bono continues to sing. i fade away. then bono starts out again, a little more insistant.

"you gonna get yer arse outta bed for the cafe?" this could turn into a fight club moment very quickly if the voice doesn't shut up very soon. i curl my fist in anticipation. i have no qualms about hitting myself if ony to make the gansta leave so i can continue dozing in the borders of nod.

"the only way i'm getting out of this bed is if bono himself comes and gets me!" snarky and defensive.

"well, i'm going for food." wait a tick, that's not the voice, it's kate.

i suddenly wonder if i've been having this conversation outloud. no wonder people think i'm crazy.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

here in this diary

joey jeremiah and snake. possibly the two best male characters from degreassi, and they're at my school righ now, giving a talk. and i'm sitting here, in my PJ's, sort of pining away after them.

i could have gone to see them, but there was no one to go with. that's a lame excuse, but for something of this magnitude i wanted to have someone with whom i could share my favourite moments of bad blood, the general ridiculousness of joey's sex life, the progression of spike's hair, the tragedy of the death of wheel's parents and his subsequent downward spiral into alcoholism, lucy, the twins....

when they come back, i'll make sure to go. maybe i'll even buy bad degrassi merchandise to get it signed.

"everybody wants something they never giveee up!" i have a feeling i'll be humming this song for days.

you see i cannot be forsaken

i am supposed to be mastering jeremiah.

i managed to get through half of what i was supposed to read, before i got distracted and wasted a good thirty minutes randomly looking at things on the internet.

"mea-aaaaghannnn..." the mocking inner voice strikes again.

i don't even wait to hear what it has to say. i fire up word perfect, and begin pounding out theoretical questions and possible answers about the comparasion of women to sin in jeremiah.

pretending to try to understand the technolust

i publish my last post, and then go to check it, to make sure that i actully caught ninety percent of my spelling mistakes. i click on the 'view blog in a separate' window and then take a double take.

"woah." yeah, just like kenau.

it seems my entire blog has gone the way of italics.

rumble mumble bru ha ha

"i've never seen purple underwear before...calvin."

we were walking down the hall to go and get some chocolate. it was a chocolate moment, and even though i knew that i should not be eating it, i was going to anyways. damn you mars bar! somewhere along the way, we began quoting more lines from movies, and we had inevitably come back to back to the future.

my voice cracks as we wander back to our room.

"where does he live?" deeper, pretending to emulate a man. and then a switch to lusty horndog woman on a rampage.

"i don't know, but i'm gonna find out!"

i think that maybe i need to get a life.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i've been blind lately

my evil headman did not prevent me from checking my mail yesterday, and it was to my utter joy and staisfaction that i found two envelopes *and* a notice for a package. that's twice in less than a week i'll have you know.

"oh yeah." i smirk as i walk jauntily up to the res commons desk to claim my prize. "that's right. i got me a PACKAGE yo!"

seem like mail brings out the inner ganster in me.

the "package" actually turns out to be two over stuffed envelopes from melissa. grinning from ear to ear, i stumbled back to my room. once there, i couldn't open them. they were after all for my birthday and that meant that i had to wait. so i did. instead i emailed melissa to tell her that they had arrived, and that one smelled of lavendar.

"some sensual maaasage oil perhaps?" i joked. "oh my ophelia, how wonderful it is!"

she wonders about the ophelia part.

sometime i wonder too, because ophelia was such a tragic figure, such a loner. but then ophelia knew who she was, what she wanted. and even though she ended up drowning in a river full of flowers, in essence she was strong and stuck to her ideals. confused and lost on the outside, it all boiled down to clarity in her mind.

melissa is definately my opehila, even if sometimes she can't see it herself.

Monday, February 02, 2004

killing me softly

the evil twsited bastard on the right side of my head begins to cackle. "just a wee bit more there boyo." he says in starnge combination of a scottish and irish accent, tightening the vice around my skull. as he does this, the pounding behind my eyes increases, the words infront of me blur, and i begin to feel as if i may in fact be seeing my dinner again quite soon.

but then, the other voice picks up. albeit weak, it sounds like it might win.

"never give up! never surrender!" it squeaks.

granted, a nice sentiment. but not all together practical.

"screw this." the pessimistic side says. "i'm taking some pain medication and going to bed."

a continuation

kate is rubing her eyes and staring wantonly at her computer screen.

"i'm tirrr--eeeeedd!" she drones out.

i, on the other hand, am just beginnign to feel the rush of a sugar high induced by some sort of packaged beverae that i chose to drink. it had been sickly sweet, but it was warm and made my toes tingle. at the time, it seemed like a good thing. however, the bounce bounce bounce of my body must have been getting slightly annoying.

"look man, you're..." kate struggles for words, even though we both know what she's going to say.

in the meantime, i keep up with the bounce bounce bounce that is forcing her to look for the right adjective.

"you're weird." she finally spits out.

"oh yeah?"

bounce bounce bounce

"is that so?"
i ask her. "just because you hate me in my imitation calvin klein jeans! you're such a ripoff!"

my brain prods me. "ripoff? are you sure that's the word you wanted?" i try it again, outloud, and it comes out slightly garbled.

kate and i collapse into hysterics as i begin to quote random back to the future lines.

night life in a dorm. can it get any better? or any more random?

may it be

i read to kate last night.

rather, i started out reading to her, but ended up reading to myself because she fell asleep before the chapter was finished. and such a chapter it was! full of darting and rhyming and stabbing and adventure. i even did the voices.

it was a good end to a not so perfect day.

"i'm having a.." i pause for drama. "a monochromatic day." i tell melissa over msn.

"so you mean you're like stir-fry without the spices?" she asks.

"yeah. ham without the burger. u2 without bono. the hobbit without bilbo." they all made sense in context, and it did sum up how i was feeling.

can't be spicy everyday.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

ghetto superstar

today was going to be one of those days where i mastered the universe. i was going to get up, go for breakfast/brunch in the cafeteria, and then motor through a bunch of stuff that i needed to do. i would master the latin, progress to classics and then read a good deal about the buganda tribe of uganda, making and taking copius notes throughout. i was going to go for a walk, and maybe even take some photos of outside to share with everyone.

yeah man, i was going to do it all and then some. however, you'll notice that i am saying was in the past tense.

because here it is, after five, and all i've motored through is my latin and a decent hour and a bit long nap.

hey, at least i did something.