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Saturday, February 07, 2004

sky falls you feel like

i'm engrossed in my bed.

the pillows are just right. i have the perfect amount of blankets. my sheets are percail and i'm not tangled in the covers. i'm mashed into all of this like a piece of play-dough gets mashed into the table by a child in kindergarden.

and then, once again: my phone rings. kate grabs it because of my mashed situation.

"meg, the phone's ringing." luckily, she's like a chauffeur or something, and actually hands the phone to me while i'm still in bed. aren't i just the spoiled type?

"hello? my mouth feels like cotton. i really want a piece of gum.

softly, serenly and sweetly my marmee says to me: "hello my meaghan. happy birthday!"

i crack up.

my birthday has always been a confusion. i was a late child, and they were going to induce labour on the seventh of february. my whole family, including the grandparents had it pegged that the seventh would be the day i was born. naturally, it stuck. people still think the seventh is my birthday. my mother still thinks it's my birthday.

i thank her and inform her of the fact that it was yesterday, and she laughs along with me.

we decided that next year we're just going to celebrate on the seventh.


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