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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i've been blind lately

my evil headman did not prevent me from checking my mail yesterday, and it was to my utter joy and staisfaction that i found two envelopes *and* a notice for a package. that's twice in less than a week i'll have you know.

"oh yeah." i smirk as i walk jauntily up to the res commons desk to claim my prize. "that's right. i got me a PACKAGE yo!"

seem like mail brings out the inner ganster in me.

the "package" actually turns out to be two over stuffed envelopes from melissa. grinning from ear to ear, i stumbled back to my room. once there, i couldn't open them. they were after all for my birthday and that meant that i had to wait. so i did. instead i emailed melissa to tell her that they had arrived, and that one smelled of lavendar.

"some sensual maaasage oil perhaps?" i joked. "oh my ophelia, how wonderful it is!"

she wonders about the ophelia part.

sometime i wonder too, because ophelia was such a tragic figure, such a loner. but then ophelia knew who she was, what she wanted. and even though she ended up drowning in a river full of flowers, in essence she was strong and stuck to her ideals. confused and lost on the outside, it all boiled down to clarity in her mind.

melissa is definately my opehila, even if sometimes she can't see it herself.


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