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Saturday, January 31, 2004

many meetings

i caught the very last bus that runs from wellington street to carleton last night.

"yesss!" i exclaimed as i saw it approaching. i had been worried that i was going to miss it. instead, i had to wait twenty five minutes. night life on wellington is an interesting sight to see on a friday night, to say the least.

the bus had an exhaust leak, and made weird noises everytime the bus driver applied the brakes, which was just about every three seconds.

"woah there." i tell myself. "listen to the music. you're not gonna puke, ok?"

humming belle and sebastian, i made my way home.

there was a note waiting for me that had been slipped under my door.

"meaghan, knock on my door, i need those pictures. -liz." i stared at it for a moment and then thought "ah! she means the ones of jeremy that she gave me yesterday!"

thinking i was smart shit, i tucked them in an envelope, slid them under the door, and came back to my room. i crawled into bed and got ready to sleep.

and then, just as i was drifting, that inner voice spoke up.

"hey megs."

"mmmppph." i really didn't want to have a conversation if it could be helped.

"why would liz want those pictures of jeremy, when she gave you the doubles?"

i didn't really know or care, but i had a feeling that i was about to be enlightened.

"maybe she was, you know, talking about the pictures on your digital camera. remember how she borrowed it?"

i can't be expected to remember everything.


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