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Monday, January 26, 2004

falling down

marla asked me to bring my legolas action figure to latin ages ago, so when i remembered this morning, i felt pretty good about it.

"oh hahahahahah!" she exclaims with joy as i pull him out of my backpack. there isn't time to say much more as we're about to stat a quiz, so i tuck him away until break.

yeah, we get a ten minute break in the middle of class. how sweet is that? in the midst of the break, out comes leggy. marla and i start playing with him.

"look, if you squeeze his legs together his arms jerks around!" i'm secretly very pround of my action figures and thier capabilities.

we stay enthralled until the professor's voice cuts cross the room.

"what the hell is that?" he questions as he wanders over. "i never thought i'd have to confiscate a toy from my class in university." not really serious, as he's chuckling as he says it.

he picks up the action figure and studies it for a few moments.

"wow." slight twitch of the goatee as he shoves his glasses back up his nose. "he's even good looking as an action figure!"

i'm still trying to recover from the suppressed laughter.


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