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Friday, January 23, 2004

it's not enough to pray for mercy

"hey, do you guys want to go and see pilate on monday night?"

liz asked us this last week, as we passed one of the many posters that are plastered around res-commons. we were on our way to the cafeteria to pretend to enjoy to eat.

"umm...i'm going to the movies that night." i tell her. "love actually with the luscious colin firth and then gothika!"

she was ok with this, and so was i.

except now that i have heard more of pilate's music, i'm beginning to think that the benefits of a small live show at olivers may indeed be much more exciting than going to the movies.

live music or colin firth?

"such decisions you have to make..." my brain snickers at me.

i give it the mental finger and go back to listening to pilate.


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