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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

teenaged wasteland

the soap opera of my life continues. or rather, the soap opera of the lives of those around me continues. because i am involved in their lives, i would deem it possible to conceive that my soap opera also continues.

"andrew told me that i was the anti-christ last night." melissa tells me over msn.

i do not fully comprehend this, because she follows with " and a communist and a mac user, apparently i'm the third."

i wonder to myself, and then on msn to melissa, "the third what?"

she responds, slightly garbled and even more unclear than before.

"as in they said there would be three; hitler, napoleon and me."

all i can wonder, is did she mean that there would be three communists, three mac users or three anti-christs? and if she was a communist, how could she be compared with napolean, who really wasn't about communism as far as i know. and although nazism is similar in the political scale when it is ideally compared to communism, there are still some important key differences. the ani-christ opens up a whole slew of ideas and concepts that would take days and days to explain. all i know is that i'm pretty sure melissa isn't the ant-christ. as for the mac user.....well....she cannot escape the title of one.

after some more inner debate, i finally respond.

"so...he's saying you're either short and crazy, or rejected and crazy?"

"no, he's saying i'm the last to complete the cycle of crazy dictators/anti-christs. i think. it made sense last night
but then again, he's stupid."

i cackle with glee.


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