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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

tunnel freak!

kate started yelling about food earlier than ususal this morning, or so my brain tried to tell me. but the conscious part of me wasn't responding to any sort of stimulant.

"nnggaaahhh, nhghhhhh. mmppppfffffff. rrrmmmmooott." that just about sums up my vocal capabilities this morning. however, i eventually dragged myself out of bed, splashed some water on my face and allowed myself to be dragged away to the cafeteria.

as i sat there, munching on the french toast that had turned to ice long before i ever chose to eat it, i was thinking about linking keanu reeves to the lord of the rings.

"hmmmmm..." i thought. "well, keanu was in bill and ted's excellent adventure, with alex white, who was in the lost boys with kiefer sutherland, who was in stand by me with river phoenix, who is the brother of joaquin phoenix, who was in gladiator with russel rowe, who was in master and commander with billy boyd."

of course, i could have always gone through hugo weaving, also known as agent elrond, or producer barrie osmond.

i think i like complicated things.


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