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Saturday, January 17, 2004

speak to me in the middle of the night

"look!" kate from down the hall exclaimed. "my foot is like a baked potato!"

eveyone who had skates was peeling them off and returning them to their bags or cases. we had just spent an hour skating, or in mine and kate's case, sliding with boots, down the frozen canal. i looked at kate from down the hall's skates with envy. it's so graceful, people skating. they glide over the frozen surface of the river. you almost expect little rabbits to come out and frolic at the edges, while a deer looks placidly on.

"watch any disney movies lately?" the ever cynical inner voice pops up.

that other voice, the less cynical and angry one, pipes up just as quickly. "oh piss off! let me have my damned disney moment if i want it!" hmm..an argument with myself. not anything new, in case you were wondering.

regardless, kate and i now have a new mission.

we must find skates.


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