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Thursday, January 15, 2004

single serving mint

i bolted out of humanties as fast as i could muster, which all things considering, wasn't all that fast at all.

"jesus," i muttered under my breath. "i'm going to kill the idiot who did that!"

halfway through our trying to stay awakemuststayawake lecture, some fool either spilled or sprayed a large amount of vanilla perfume. it permeated the air, moving slowly with the currents created by our breath and the shoddy heating system in paterson hall. however, it still permeated.

eventually it reached me, filling my nose and throat and lungs with poison, setting off alarms in my brain.

my nose reacted first, sending relays to my brain telling me that this was vanilla, or rather the cheap chemical version of that particular plant. next, my throat sent messages to my brain:

"uh boss, we gotta problem here. see, lungs, they hate this shit. it makes them strain. so i'm just going to tighten a bit here, so that less of that shit pollutes thier environment."

so instead of pretending to concentrate, i had to concentrate on breathing with a throat that really wasn't up to me taking full and deep breaths for the part of the lecture involving the smoting.

i'm going to kill the idiot who sprayed that junk.

i really like the smoting parts.


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