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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

i am next in line for promotion in my firm

kate and i have an addiction. i think it would be best if we came right out and spoke about it.

we discovered that we could buy fortune cookies in bulk at bulk barn. this means, that instead of being that tasty scrumpet of delight only occasionly had at the end of a lovely chinese meal, we can enjoy the benefits of both a fortune and a tasty treat at any time of the day.

the problem is, i find myself obsessing over those tiny slips of paper at all hours of the day.

how does it get in there? surely the cookie isn't baked with the paper inside. it would burn, or crisp, or curl up or something, i am quite sure of it.

forget about caramilk, this is my new all comsuming question.

i'm sure however, that it's just a simple trick. when i was little, my gramma used to slide quarters in our cake at our birthdays. we'd be eating cake, and suddenly, we'd find a quarter wrapped in wax paper. i used to think it was magic. i never could quite figure out how she knew exactly where to cut the cake so that all of the children got a quarter.

when i discovered that she simply slipped them in after the cake was baked, i felt cheated. yeah, cheated by my own gramma.

i guess sometimes embracing the unknown and just accepting it is better than always needing to know.


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