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Monday, January 12, 2004

roman latin speaking pirates

i sauntered into my first and last class of the day this morning feeling pretty damned good. it might have been because it was my first and last class, but i'm betting money that the feeling of euphoria was a result of a nice, steaming bowl of coffee with real cream.

i stole the cream from denny's last week when we were driving home, but that's beside the point.

we had translated this chunk of a play entitled Amphitruo by the roman playwright Plautus. Most of it was inane balthering about a war that i really didn't care about, until the part about the ships was metioned. hmmm....romans on ships eh? i wondered to myself. would they have been like pirates?

i asked marla, who sits next to me what she thought about roman pirates, travelling in ships to the new world.

she politelty informed me that, although the idea of roman latin speaking pirates was a novel and entertaining one, the new world didn't really exist back then, and that roman pirates probaby wouldn't have gone there anyways.

i thought it was a good idea.


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