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Saturday, January 10, 2004

ambition's a tricky thing...

when you step outside it feels like your eyeballs are turning to rock.


it's that freaking cold out there. but that's ok, because it is the middle of winter and it is ottawa. what else could be expected in a place/city/area renouned for it's canal skating and record low temperatures?

so what is this? this is me. by me, i mean me. i have aother blog right now with a friend, but i find that in some ways it is inhibiting. it's hard to always express what i want and make it coherent to others, because i know for sure that she'll be reading it...not that i mind, i live for her responses and stuff. but it's rather personal, full of personal jokes and stuff, so we end up writing in an almost kind of code....so..we'll leave it at that....whereas with this thing, i mean, hunky dory free pony ride!

after all, we all know that i'm going to send out the address to all my friends, damned attention whore!

and besides, i can decieve myself for a long period of time saying that no one really knows about it, therefore no one reads it. not that one should feel guilty about reading it. secretly i want you to. yeah that's right, secretly but now not so secretly i want people to read this and say 'my, now that's interesting!' but no worries mates, i'm not expecting anything here.

i'm being ambitious here aren't i?


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