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Sunday, January 11, 2004

i'd fancy that happening again

it happened again today in the cafeteria. after sitting down with almost the exact same thing i had for lunch/breakfast/brucnh, io began to listen to the two men sitting beside me.

so i eavesdrop occasionally. in our cafeteria it's kinda hard not ot. and i mean, i was sitting right beside them, so it wasn't like i had to try hard. i didn't pay that much attention until the one across and to my left really began to get going. he was talking about one of his classes and how it must have "thirty or forty extra students innit."


it was the thirty thing again.
because he was scottish, and of course that word jumped out at me. the slang was also ace. fancy. he kept saying fancy. i wonder, would i be cool if i said fancy?

i don't fancy that i would in all honesty.


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