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Monday, January 12, 2004

hours of talking without really saying anything

last night i left a message for my friend on her msn.

so, are you gonna call me or what? i wondered "outloud" to her. it'd be a good distraction from latin. *hinthint*

however, due to being poor, it ended up being me who called her. my phone keeps a timer, so i know that we talked for something close to forty minutes. having seen each other just a few weeks ago, it ended up that we had no drastic or life altering news. well, i had no drastic or life altering news. melissa was having a soap opera drama that was actually quite fascinating. she told me all about it.

"i mean, he goes and has sex with his supposed lover's best friend, and then comes here and tells another of his friends that he has feelings for me? what the fuck is that?" i told her i really didn't know.

i have a new theroy. it's because we never had such dramas in high shool like other girls. we were too busy painting murals and hiding in the art room and having potluck dinners to experience those dramas that merited tight groups of girls gesticulating madly and waving their arms with supposed due distress for one another.

i think we may be slightly unprepared for forays into this whole relationship thing.


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