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Monday, January 12, 2004

you're cool and you know you're a star

i was supposed to spend my time this afternoon wisely, reading both I and II Kings in the old testament. sadly, the technological draw of the internet seems to be too much for me. the sheer amount of information available to me still seems intimdating, like a giant pile of paper waiting to fall on me and trap me in some dark corner, forgotten by everyone. i'm quite sure that that will never happen, but then you never know...

i'm also keen on the instant message phenomenon we almost twenty-somethings seem to be so addicted to. after all, it's cheaper than the phone, especially when internet is unlimited. and when you're a starving university student, it seems to be even more of a deal.

so this afternoon i reached out through msn and touched melissa.

yeah, i know, we talked on the phone last night.

"so i started a blogger." i tell her, sending her the link. "go here and read it." there's a few minutes of nothingness, and i begin to get worried. i suddenly remember my post from earlier today and wonder to myself ummm, what if she's pissed that i'm talking about her personal drama on here?

luckily, she didn't care.

instead she tell me that she and andrew are going to talk tonight.

"really?" i ask. "when and where and what are you going to talk about?" so maybe the when was kinda obvious, because she had said tonight, and the what is also slightly redundant to ask about. luckily for me, melissa just goes with it.

"he hasn't a clue of the fact that i'm aware of his feelings." she tells me. "so i'm assuming he's going to tell me how he feels." there's a sort of gleeful pause here. "and then i'm going to shoot him down. because really, the kid did fuck up."

i can't help but wonder if maybe melissa does know what she's doing when it comes to relationships.


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