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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

two creams, one sugar.

this morning i woke up to outkast. heeeeeeey yaaaaa, hey yaaaaa was playing on a loop as my roommate attempted to force me into the world of the living. we had decided last night that we would brave the cafeteria breakfast this morning, and kate wanted to go before her class.

"c'mon meg." i scrunched my eyes a little tighter, thinking that maybe i could stay in my nest a wee bit longer if i simply appeared to be asleep. "i want to go for food. and you said you'd come!"

i grunt and roll over. who needs food anyways? it's not like i'm going to fade away to nothing if i miss one breakfast.

kate of course knew what to do. she slipped u2 into the cd player, and soon the strains of ultra-violet were filling the room. it's next to impossible to sleep when that cd is on, so i stumbled out of bed and headed for the washroom.

"look!" kate cheerily observed. "you're awake!"

i shot her a death look and mumbled "this isn't awake."


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