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Saturday, January 17, 2004

last train to clarksville

"we should have run!" exclaimed leslie as we watched the otrain pull away from the stop mere seconds before we got there. our distress became more pronounced when we came to understand that the train we had just watched depart was in fact the last train of the night.

"damnit." i muttered to myself.

the otrain is really the most direct and easy route to carleton from greenboro,. no bus goes directly to campus, because the otrain does. and even i, transit queen, saw no easy and uncomplicated way of getting us home on the public transport system.

we ended up calling a cab. i sat in the front with the driver, a man with an indistuingishable accent.

"i'm going to cuba at the end of the month!" he proudly tells me.

i wish i were going to cuba at the end of the month.


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