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Monday, January 19, 2004

monday nights are slow around here

the screen jumped to black, and the musical cresendo announcing the credits began to roll. i turned to kate to say something and ended up in giggles instead.

"trinity...trin.." i said, using my best kenau reeves voice, "i..i can't see! oh god..I CAN'T SEE!"

we decided a few nights ago that we really needed to see the third matrix movie, and as luck would have it, the mayfair theatre was showing it. it's a classy establishment from the nineteen thirties that features a double bill for nine dollrs. not too shabby methinks.

of course, it was slightly bizzare seeing such a machine and technology based movie in an establishment that show its history with pride.

i pretended i was trinity on the way home. i could so kick ass like that.


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