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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

the forests will echo with laughter

on monday night, after the matrix, kate and i discovered that we needed to do laundry.

"i haven't any underwear left." kate told me, with the demurest of looks upon her scandanavian face.

she's not scandanavian. but she could pass as a person from a country in that area of europe.

when we went down to the laundry room, there wasn't even one single washer available. they all were in use or had someone's wet clothes still sitting in them. there was no way i was waiting until some dumbass decided that he should maybe, you know, kinda go and get his laundry and then proceed to use up all the rest of the dryers.

so i dragged kate over to leeds, and we used their laundry house.

man, i so better live there next year. it's classy with a c.


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