'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Thursday, January 22, 2004

broke the bonds and loosed the chains

kate sits across from me, staring intently at the ceiling to her right as she tries to explain her point in a fashion that will satisfy both of us.

"it's the tone. you sound like you're attacking someone, that you're questioning their beliefs. you make it sound like you're right, and they're wrong."

what had started off as a discussion about the difference between lies and exaggerations, both falsehoods, had turned into a rather interesting and informative discussion about nothing other than discussion. more to the point, discussion with me, which we were trying to hide and failing miserably at.

"i expect that two grown people should be be able to sit down, and discuss things in a calm and rational manner. if they're going to get all worked up about it, then i refuse to continue."

i ponder this for a minute, and then before i really have a grasp on what i'm trying to say, come out with another of my whacked theories.

"don't you think," i start out, waving my hands in the air like the madwoman that i am, "that by saying that people have to discuss things only in the way that you want, with your limitations and rules and regulations, don't you think that you're only then seeing a small miniscule piece of the tapestry they're trying to weave for you?"

kate starts, stops, tries to start again and then stops. i go on, gathering stem.

"aren't you in essence deprieving them of the right to express themselves?"

we're both leaning in, and the room is eerily quiet. suddenly, that mischevious glow lights up kate's eyes.

"i'm cutting out your personality!" kate blurts out, in her "angry voice."

we dissolve into laughter. after all, it was far too late to be anything more than semi-serious.


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