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Saturday, January 24, 2004

into your hideout

i danced around the aisles at future shop, singing along to u2.

"it's alright it's alright it's allll-right! she moves in mysterious ways!"

of course random people were snickering at me, but i really didn't care all that much. i was on a misson to find pilate. and find them i did, the last copy in the pile. i guess they're a bit more popular than i thought. i stood in line for nigh on forty minutes, paid for the cd and escaped.

on the train ride home, i sat in the sun smiling like a chesire cat.

"you know," quiet and content. "that's the first cd you've bought since, well, damn. i can't even remember." stated without even a hint of guilt. after all, i did spend a lot of money today.

sometimes you just need new music.


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