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Friday, January 23, 2004

hung down with the freaks and goons

i sat through my anthropolgy lecture with a kind of 'bordom, yet a hint of fascination' attitude. it appeals to me, yet at the same time, i cannot imagine devoting an entire lifetime to working in such a large and all encompassing field.

"yeah, but you're willing to get a degree that says you've read the bible and the upanisads. what are you going to do with that?" slighty snarky, yet also filled with what may be a hint of awe.

i mentally shrug. "who knows?"

after university, i think i might take a course on basic/simple car mechanics.

at least that way i can be doing something practical while i spout hindu philosophy and ponder it's relation to christainity. and it might also shut up that inner voice for a while.


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