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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

penis penis penis!

when i was in grade four, i shared a maroon-ish coloured room with my sister just outside of owen sound. although not the most appealing situation to her, we managed.

my favourite part of sharing the room with her were sunday nights, when she would tune her clock radio to am 640 and the sunday night sex show with sue johansen. we would lie in our beds, hearing about problems that distant people were having with their sexual partners.

sue left no door unopened. she talked about how to have sex, what positions were best, what toys to use, when to masturbate, how to masturbate and continually emphasized the importance of condoms and sexual health.

being nine, not a lot of this made sense.

"ummm....oral stmulation??"

tonight sue was here at carleton, and her charm has not abated at all. if anything, she's turned into that lady you wish was your closest friend. she was no different than i remembered. the only thing missing were the waves of static and kelly's quiet giggling from across the room.

i still felt like it was the best part of the week.


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