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Thursday, January 29, 2004

into this house we're born

i read myself hoarse last night, trying to finish the chapter before i fell asleep. when i was finished, kate was already making water drinking noises and mumbling, giving me assurance that she was indeed in the land of nod.

"how nice!" i thought, "i sure hope putting little kids to sleep is this easy!"

it didn't take me long to drift off either.

when i awoke, it was still dark. in fact, it was still night. my feet were sticking out and i looked like i had fallen unconscious face down on the pillows. my brain struggled with me.

"c'mon. i KNOW you heard it."

"heard what?" i mumble in my head. this is not the time to be having a conversation.

"the door. it just opened."

internally, i give a sigh of exasperation. "yeah, so?"

"THAT MEANS THAT THERE'S SOMEONE IN YOUR ROOM!" the other half excitedly and nervously screams.

i listen more consciously. outside in the hall are the voice of girls saying that it's obvious that we're asleep. and inside the room, a guy's voice is responding that we won't mind, and that he's just leaving cookies.

"yeah man." i tell the other half. "there's no way this isn't a dream." i shut off the conscious part of my mind, and just barely register the sound of the door closing agin.

when we woke up, there were piles of cookies on kate's desk. courtesy of greg from down the hall.


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