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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

here in this diary

joey jeremiah and snake. possibly the two best male characters from degreassi, and they're at my school righ now, giving a talk. and i'm sitting here, in my PJ's, sort of pining away after them.

i could have gone to see them, but there was no one to go with. that's a lame excuse, but for something of this magnitude i wanted to have someone with whom i could share my favourite moments of bad blood, the general ridiculousness of joey's sex life, the progression of spike's hair, the tragedy of the death of wheel's parents and his subsequent downward spiral into alcoholism, lucy, the twins....

when they come back, i'll make sure to go. maybe i'll even buy bad degrassi merchandise to get it signed.

"everybody wants something they never giveee up!" i have a feeling i'll be humming this song for days.


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