'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Sunday, October 31, 2004

we let it in, we give it out

i just read twenty books of homer's iliad in one go. TWENTY.

i think i deserve a prize.

walk on the ocean, step on the stones

i jerk awake, my arm numb from being slung across my face, the book mashed into my field of vision. i can see the words ajax, spear and thrust and am entirely disoriented.

i was trying to read, honestly, but i fell asleep with all the lights on and my book mashed on my face. [there's a way to attract the fellas]. anyways, what woke me up was the arrival of caitlin.

"i FUCKIN' got....i got...FUCKIN they kicked me out of...they fucking kicked me OUT of the BAR!" i hear her slight frame bounce off of my door and cringe, because i know that tomorrow she'll be covered in bruises. despite not really wanting to, i force myself up, and open my door to see what the deal is.

brendan and anna are trying to deal with her. caitlin's swaying all over the place, her arms flailing and her legs mysteriously keeping her upright. i think that perhaps they're a separate entitey or something- there's no way a girl of her size holding as much liquor as she's claiming to can still possibly be upright.

"fucking like six..NO EIGHT! bouncers had to like, fuckin, grab me by the arms and then FUCKIN they BANNED me!" she yells at anna, brenadan and i. we're trying not to laugh as she continues, her arms flailing in circular motions. "they shaid- they SAID i was too drrrrrunk to be. they shaid i was too drunk to be THERE." her glazed eyes get angry. "i'm NOT giving up. i'm going to go and make out with ashley and we're going to win that FUCKING xbox."

[there was a costume contest at the bar for the best costume- winner takes home an xbox. caitlin and ashley both wanted to win it so that we could have video games because we've discovered that we all secretly love them. either that or we were going to take it back to walmart and return it and get a tv or a dvd player for our common living area. their final plan was to go up on stage together and make out. there's something inherently weird about that, but if it means that we get an xbox- heh. and they both agreed to it while sober. imagine.]

anyways- caitlin decides she's going to go back and win us that fucking xbox, so she rips off her shirt [it's covered in cranberry juice, as is her white white white jacket] and changes entirely. escorted by anna and brendan, who seem to have no other choice, she departs, leaving me to do what i can with the stained clothing. [she might be lucky with the shirt- the coat is fucked as far as i can tell.]

not three minutes pass before the whole gang's back again, plus one. shawn [possible shagee tonight] has arrived, sober as a brick to save the day. luckily, he's about seven foot eight so caitlin's no match for him and he herds her quietly into her room. she's more than complacent.

when the door closes anna looks at me with twinkling eyes and an upturned mouth, and mouths the word "rape."

i smile at her, shaking my head in disbelief. we both know that poor shawn hasn't a chance in that room with caitlin.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

they've got catfish on the table, they've got gospel in the air

today the rain poured down in sheets as thick and grey as links of chain fence.

i spent most of the aftrnoon needlessly wasting my time, downloading halloween music for ashley and making apple sauce. the girls are all excited about halloween and i'm trying to be, but i'm having problems getting all worked up about it this year.

it was never about the candy to me. it was the way the costumes smelled, that musty dusty yet crisp smell that embedded their fabric, the way the bright oranges and deep blacks contrasted with each other, the way they crinkled and itched when you pulled them on. it was the smell of the makeup and the chalky way it covered your face. it was being ale to dream it bigger and larger and louder and furrier and deformed and make it a reality without having the entire world look at you in a condescending way.

it was about scaring the pants off of yourself by watching the exorcist or the shining or one of those horrible slasher movies huddled on the floor in front of your television. it was about having to sleep with the lights on afterwards.

it was about being able to get lost in an interior world.

me not being super excited about halloween makes me wonder and worry about myself because of this. if i can't retreat into an inner world, what am i left with?

"with love...hee hee hee..." the vox speaks! been pretty silent lately.

aristotle taught us, via the trogs, that love makes the world go round. [i'd try to explain that, but then you'll really think i'm cracked. go and read the physics. but read the republic first. it'll make sense then.] so.... if i'm left with love, i guess that means i'll be ok.

oh damn- the applesauce!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

you've got your ball, you've got your chain

riding the bus home, i felt more then a wee bit....

[right about now, the danger bells should be going off. "oh jesus.." you should say. "here we go- she's going to talk about memories and feelings and emotional crap. right, that's me off." but i promise, it's not about feelings. ok. not too too much. really. i feel like the father of the prince in monty python's holy grail- you know, the one who keeps telling the camera NO MUSIC! whenever his son starts singing?]

anyways. ermmm....

after all that, i've entirely forgotten what exactly i was going to say. so instead, go and listen to some music you like and eat pie if it is available. you'll get nothing else out of me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

one headlight

today i was a naughty girl.

[side note- whenever i hear the word naughty i think of nicole kidman, skanked to the nines, rolling on the floor in a tiger rug yelling "don't stop! don't stop!" and barking like a dog. sounds like soft porn, but it's moulin rouge- really.]

anyways, after dashing to class and arrivng at exactly six past the hour, i looked to where i regularly sit, and the only seat left was the buffer zone.

last year, humsboy and i established that in a lecture, it's much better to have at least one empty seat beside you and the next person in your row so that you can twitch and stretch and sit sideways and move around without disturbing the shit out of the person beside you. we maintained this tradition through most of last year, and continued it this year.

until i stole the buffer zone today for personal use.

ha! take that buffer zone!

Monday, October 25, 2004

got time to wonder, to waste and to whine

picking up the phone for the seventh time in one day, i tell myself that finally, i've achieved life-long goal number 6794.02- be popular determined by numerous phone calls.

it's ashley. i don't immediately recognize her voice. she asks me if it would be possible for me to walk to the libray and pick up anna.

i tell her that it's not a problem, but secretly i'm not sure why i have to pick her up. [i later remembered that not only do ashley and anna live in much larger and therefore probably much risky cities during the summer, but that they're both tiny pretty things that couldn't put up a fight and easily win, unlike me in my hulking-ness]

after gathering up anna, we stop to check our mail boxes in res-commons.

wedged into mine in such a way as to make it nearly impossible to retrieve is a small, brown papered package from wiarton. the return address doesn't say 'the mommy' like it usually does, but rather 'the fish shop.'

my mom sent me a can of salmon in the mail. i've never been happier.

it's a long, long road

the peanut butter melts as it comes in contact with the heated bread. the jam oozes through the liquid matter, spattering across the table as i wave the bread around, watching ashley rub her eye makeup around her face.

it's three am on a monday morning. my teeth are caked with the remnants of honey, cranberry tea and peanut butter. my legs are icy cold, frozen by the cold draft that creeps through my open window. my eyes are scratchy and i've got the shakey feeling one gets when it feels like possibility in the air.

kate bush is on the radio. socrates calls to me. is sleep even an option on a night like this?

my hands twitch as i consider the next move.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

have a little faith

i've cleaned the fridge. i've eaten twice. i've talked on the phone. i've talked on msn. i've rearranged my books. i've read the guide to the bytown theatre. i've prodded at my face. i've deleted things i didn't need off of my computer. i've looked at pictures of chimeras. i've pick nailpolish off of my toenails. i've looked at my exam schedule twice. i've checked my student account. i've rearragnged my music folders. i've invented the name of a new plague.

any more ideas for procrastination?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

well i said lily, oh lily i don't feel safe

tonight, despite the impending doom of the so-crates [yes, so- crates, just like in bill and ted] essay, i went to see a play based on irvine welsh's trainspotting with ashley, anna, kyle and dave. [the latter two being very odd, very distinct friends of anna. i think kyle loves anna. i've been singing a trademaked made up meaghan song all week to her about it. she may possibly hate me, but it's nothing compared to the hatred i have of her syrup. more on that later.]

anyways, the play.

i must to admit that i didn't know how they were going to turn that book into a play. it's so harsh and painful and beautiful and sad and ironic and how on earth do you capture all of that in a just under two hour play? the tickets were promising though- plastic syringes with a peper advertisment for the date and time. i'm sure i posted about this at some point. even with the promising tickets, i was skeptical about the production being able to capture the essence of the book.

but the result was smashing.

i am married to your charms and grace

in the same shopping trip that involved me getting super excited about a mop and that cheese, i succumbed to the music whore deep within my soul and bought myself a new cd- the first one since august.

interpol's antics is smashing. you all need to run out and get it. seriously. treat yourself.

in other news, last night i made myself a dinner worthy of a fancy restaurant. soft boiled red potatos, green beans, pork chop in soup and a hearty salad with two kinds of cheese. i even arranged it nicely on the plate.

then i sat alone in my suite's kitchen, peter gabriel blaring from my computer, and enjoyed my food creating combination. the only thig lackig was a nice glass of wine. and maybe a candle, to make it less, oh i don;t know, stark?

sounds sad and slightly pathetic, but it was perfect.

Friday, October 22, 2004

everyday is like sunday

i crawled under the van, cursing my bosom and the small stones digging into my back.

"hooookay." i exclaim, looking at the myriad of rusty and shiny parts in front of my face. "what the fuck am i looking for again?"

i called my mom yesterday to tell her about the exploding van, and she told me to call back to talk to tom this morning. so after going out and looking, not having a friggin clue as to what i was looking for, i called tom, told him what i saw, and he told me what had happened.

option number one: the fan belt has left the building. thus, no air ciculates into engine, and engine overheats. when engine overheats, engine expands, so fluid is sucked into engine. when engine cools down, engine contracts, and fluid is pushed out of overflow valve. hence reason for fluid on the ground.

option number two: there's a hole in the rad or one of the lines that is connected to the rad. thus, all the fluid in the rad drains out and causes the engine to overheat.

after going out, getting real dirty, poking a lot of parts, i'm pretty sure the fan belt is still there. which means that my rad is buggered most likely.

damn vehicles. i am totally taking a mechanics course after i finish my undergrad in humanities. that'll make for an interesting resume.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

and so you come and so you go

is there something wrong with getting a stupid amount of joy out of buying a mop and a broom? what about cheese? can it be wrong that, upon arriving home, you want to eat a pound of cheese and then sweep and mop the floor, sans pants? and what about listening to sadbastard music all the while, singing off key because it's the only way you know how to?


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

everybody hurts

i have a love/hate relationship with my [mom's] van.

it's a 1990 chevy astro, burgandy and silver [and brown and orange, but that comes later] with three hundred and ninety one THOUSAND kilometres on it. read: it's a piece of crap that i rely on way more than i should.

in the beginning, it was love. good ole' vanny and me took everyone, every-bloody-where. school was much nicer to get to, and i had more time in the day because no longer was i on the bus for an hour and a half.

then- the alternator died.

people say its not my fault, but i mean, how can you not feel guilty when you're the person driving the damned thing when the damned alternator seizes? so poor vanny is pulled off the road and gets his new piece and it's all good.

then- i hit a deer.

for normal people, this would mean the end of the vehicle. i mean at this point, it already had over three hundred and fifty thousand kilometres on it, and the front end was a write off. an entire frickin write off. but noooooooo- stepfather tom a.k.a vans-never-die!man to the rescue. and so vanny is refitted with a new hood, [ a classy combination of brown and orange and very peely and faded. smashing], some aluminum siding in the engine and i'm pretty sure that duct tape is involved. and off i go again. me and vanny.

things go well until thanksgiving last year when i am driving back to ottawa with heather and suddenly loose power. the warp drive stops. the falcon doesn't go into light speed. say it however you will- something broke, and broke badly. the fan had nicked the power steering hose, causing a massive blow out. so i spend a night in a hotel, and the entire following day stranded in brockville in the candian tire. vanny pulls through though, and after a three hundred and some odd dollars bill, i make it to ottawa with heather.

then, at christmas, vanny just dies. i mean the transmission is in drive, the engine is running, i'm going through an intersection and with a few large and body killing jerks, vanny just dies. it's towed to wiarton and promptly abandoned. until tom resurrects it AGAIN this summer.

getting better milage than jesus at this point.

so, what do i do? i bring the damned thing back here with me. and everything is good. accleration is a little slow, mainly from the poor fuel that buggered the fuel injector last year. it's not pretty, but it gets me there.

and then tonight, after enjoying lost with kate [which included the words 'git' and 'wanker' being said on prime time- MASSIVE.] i hop into vanny and drive home. and just after i leave kate's school, i know. i can just fucking tell.

i make it back here.


i don't think that it was bad for me to have a panic attack to the point where i nearly passed out and almst threw up based on the above related history. beause when vanny goes- its expensive and its massive.

my money's on the rad, based on what i saw. anyone want to make a bet?

what on earth is going on

in an entirely juvenile and annoying way, i've taken to calling all things- people, objects, animals and items- hosers after a very interesting email from a friend.

you hoser.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

feel like letting go

"what are you doing over there?" humsboy asks me, facing me during the break in religion class. i'm sitting one row behind him, three seats to his left.

"it's too far away."

is it possible for me to misinterpret that? am i a tart? oh me.

Monday, October 18, 2004

i don't believe in chance

i'm bored. fancy going out tonight? we'll get merlot, not too sweet, listen to music in some moody bar and then maybe catch a movie in another language. i think german suits the weather today. french and italian are far too smooth for choppy skies and negative wind chill. oh and we'll have to eat at some point i guess. i had perogies for lunch, but maye we could eat them again in some weird restaurant. or maybe we could have shawarma. chicken or beef?

don't wait for me to call- pick up that phone. you know you want to.

luminous times

this morning, after waking up sans clothing, i had an excellent cup of coffee, did my latin homework and pulled out U2's b-sides from nineteen eight to nineteen ninety. brilliant and smashing beginning to a hopeully very productive day.

[you're wondering about the sans clothing, aren't you? i went to bed with night clothes on, i swear, but when i woke up, they were all folded neatly in a pile on the floor at the foot of my bed. i blame gnomes.]

Sunday, October 17, 2004

your head can't rule your heart

after an incredible day of reading- we're talking over two hundred pages here- i decide to spend some real quality time on the internet. sadly, or maybe not-so-sadly depending on how you look at it, i only ever go to a random few sites.

so, after checking to see if any new news about u2 had been posted, whether or not moby had updated his journal, i went ahead and hit up all the other journals i read. nothing new, [hey people- surely to GOD you can post something, even if it's about what you didn't do], so i went back to the beginning and laughed my arse off for a good hour and a bit, spilling my salad dressing all over myself and choking perodically on almonds.

klassy with a 'k' and loving every minute of it.

we rejoice because the hurting is so painless

andrew draws a properly coloured diagram, cmplete with red lines, blue lines, circles and nets. then he opens himself up to a barrage of questions by laura and i. we ask about penalties, icing, what offsiding means, the neutral zone, rules involving the crease and face offs.

i think i might understand hockey a little better now.

afterwards, andrew walks with me in the pouring rain to the bus stop. he would have stayed, but didn't want to sleep in the same room as his girlfriend and her mother. and- i secretly overhear him- he doesn't like the idea of girls walking alone downtown. heh.

while waiting for the bus- alone now because i'm headed in an opposite direction- a smoking [in more ways than one] french boy falls asleep practically on top of me, and is rudely awakened by a spectacular accident that happenes three feet from where i am standing. no one is hurt, so he tells me in rapid fire distorted quebec french that it was pretty "magnifique, oui?"

i can't help but agree. there's something so satisfying in the crunch of metal.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


to add insult to injury- they've drained the canal in the past two days.

now when i go for a walk, instead of being beside a slightly creepy man-made canal, it's beside a festering cesspool of mud and garbage and old weeds and the smell of mud permeated with rotten fish.

not that the fish smell really bothers me.

girl with crismon nails has jesus round her neck


shifting my position for the seventh time in less than three minutes, i attempt to focus on the page in front of me. it's small, there's not that much on it. it should be easy to read.


i absently scratch my left calf, distracted by the way it feels to have next to no finger nails running up my leg. i think that i'm reacting to the detergent i used while i was at home last weekend.


i backtrack on the page i was reading. footnote twenty three tells me who solon was. i wonder if that's a plausible name as i gaze out the window, watching the last of the leaves blow past my window. they're a dirty yellow clour, but seem insanely bright against the grey backdrop that consists of an overcast sky and angry intense clouds scuttling on the edge of an approaching front.

"meaghan. now."

i sigh, and put the book down, and let the vox take over. what does it matter anyways?

i don't understand a damned thing.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


how is it possible that a simple trip to the grocery store turns into a four hour adventure that results in the purchase of a harvest gold chair, a lumberjack hat and silk flowers that smell of mothballs?

i guess it's that weird humanities vibe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

does anybody here remember vera lynn?

yesterday, i woke up late. not super late, but late enough to throw a dent in my schedule. read: i didn't get a full mug of coffee before dashing off late to my religion class.

as a result of this, i couldn't concentrate and was probably kind of snappy to people out there without realizing it. [sorry bout that]. i also looked like i was in withdrawl, as a number of people noted. one of those people being none other then the mysterious humsboy.

so what did he do?

invited himself back to my suite for coffee. i was allowed to tag along, and acted the total dork. someday i'll figure this out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

run like hell

my grandad had three strokes, all within a year of each other. as a result of this, his personality changed entirely. don't be sad though- he no longer hates the world and yells about the coming of the kingdom. now he sneaks into his kitchen late at night and eats jam with a spoon right from the jar and likes to feed his dog one extra biscuit, even though she's on a diet.

he also likes to tell us stories.

before his strokes, he told us stories as well. stories about jesus and being poor and hardship, stories where there was no joy and no light. his stories are much different now. he tells us about stealing a cake just after coming to north america because his brothers wanted it. he tells us about the time he tripped and cut his lip open, but landed on a five dollar bill which was enough money to feed his family for weeks and to buy his mother a brooch.

he told us another story as we visited him on thanksgiving.

one day, as he was standing in an elevator, a man behinnd him gripped his shoulder, asked to be let by, and exited from the car, followed by a few other people.

that man was none other than elvis presley.

i think that somehow i am made cool by the fact that the king of rock and roll touched my grandfather's sport jacket in an unknown elevator back in the day,

the devil went down to georgia

i don't have anything to say. my mind is shut down and my voice is a little off.

my throat is too sore as well, after yelling various lines like "you fucking DICKSMACK!" and "where the SHIT are you going to GO, asshole?" and "you are OBVIOUSLY a CUNT!" for the duration of the eleven hours it took me to get from home back to school.

it's not road rage. it's me expressing my inner feelings.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

don't let it slip away

i woke up feeling like i was going to toss my cookies, blow chunks, talk to the porcelain princess, spew, puke, vomit etc. etc. etc...

[side note: why are they so many words for throwing up?]

anyways, it's not because i'm a hooker and got some weird std or am pregnant or anything- it's because i am going to see my entire family tomorrow. it's been forever since we were all together last. in fact, it may have been all the way back to last christmas. that's horrible.

pardon me while i go and ralph from the sheer excitement.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i don't believe in prophecies so don't waste any tears

"i was raised catholic."

i believe that this statement can tell you a lot about a person- mainly that he or she has this weird sense of guilt. it may not be obvious even to the person, but it's there, buried in the subconscious of the proclaimed catholic. why? because we're all evil. evil people who are led into temptation.

"lead us not into temptation...but deliver us from evil..." -alas, i have been tempted and led father than any good catholic girl should be. and i most certainly was not delivered of anything but money. damn.

the temptation started when i was a wee child. well, not wee per se, because i've never been a small person. my mom swears that i should have been two people and her doctor thought i was twins, but that's beside the point. when i was a young lass, i had this fascination with barbies [they were the only dolls i ever played with, besides those freaky-arsed trolls with the mulit-coloured rainbow hair]. one year for christmas i got a barbie variety pack- clothes and hats and shoes. eighteen pairs of barbie shoes. and admidst those shoes were a pair of black boots that would change my life forever.

on barbie, the boots went to just below her knee. the detail on them was crap but you could tell that they were not just any boots, but serious don't-fuck-with-me-mother-fucker boots. lace up, with round eye hole detail boots. i eventually lost poor barbie's version, but i told myself that one day, i'd have boots like that.

years passed. i got bigger, and taller, but looked nothing like barbie.

and then one day whilst shopping with my marmee i remembered barbie and her boots. unfortunately, style that year dictated that lace-up fuck-you-mother-fucker boots were to only be for those who were afraid to walk in snow, so all i got were a pair of crappy ankle boots that weren't so mother-fucking after all.

the next year passed in much the same way. as did the year after that and the year after that. the following year was frought with disappontment as barbie style boots were everywhere but never in my size. [it's a ten, in case you were wondering. which is bigger than you think. the average canadian female has a size seven foot. damn size seven.]

in my final year of high school a ray of hope shone dimly, and then died as every boot everywhere that was not stupid and short and yet big enough for my foot was not lace up, but rather ugly and solid. i bought a pair, and gave up on my dream.

until last week when i was in walmart, and saw them. they were the same boots that my barbie had when i was a not-so-wee lass. big, black, lace-up don't-fuck-with-me-mother-fucker boots. and so it came about that i was led into temptation.

and not delivered from evil.

i am now the proud owner of knee high, black, round eye hole lace-up don't-fuck-with-me-mother-fucker barbie boots. they're a size smaller than i would have liked, but they'll do. i just have to break them in.

don't fuck with me, mother fucker.

Monday, October 04, 2004

i get so lost sometimes

"oh yeah!" i exclaim as i leave my room after an intense reading period. caitlin's doing her hair in the yet-to-be cleaned bathroom.

"what's 'oh yeah?'" she asks me, laughing at my frenzied arm pumping and general state of celebration.

"forty pages in less than an hour." i respond smugly. "i *pumped* that bitch out."

i don't believe you can resist the things that make no sense

my friends all think i have a problem.

oh, it's not mental or anything. they've believed that i belong in an institution for some time now, locked up in a nice, safe, padded room where i can bounce off the walls in a safe and non-self-threatening manner. [i think they'd also like to see me tied up- mind you, the motivation behind that makes me wonder who's the crazy one...]

no, now they think that i sneak into skanky bathrooms and rub heroin on my gums. or snort lines of crack. or take multiple pills a day. [i don't- just vitamin b.]

the main reason for this sudden shift from being mentally insane to having a drug problem?

kylie minogue.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

more than a feeling

you know, i think i begin to understand those fifteen year old girls who run around like idiots. you know, the ones who flip their hair, chew gum with slack jaws and screech incessantly about useless crap?

i know what they're really thinking.

"boysboysboysboysboysboysboysboysboysboysboys boooooys boy boy boys boys boysboysboys boysboysboysboysboysboysboys. boys."

oh yeah.

wanna let it burn

caitlin and brad [shagee number two, right after the boyfriend left] are drinking in the suite tonight. the campus bar is closed, so we're left to deal with an evening of drunkeness.

all in all, it was pretty funny. brad is a pleasant and amicable man who starts speaking in bad accents once you get two or three drinks in to him. the scottish one is passable, but we had to guess at his austrian one. caitlin is petulant, but in that funny, non-annoying way once she gets liquered up. and ashley and i find everything hilarious- especially since we're stone sober and can't seem to prop talkerly or move without crashing into things.

maybe the pineapple was fermented?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

i've never wanted anything

anna brings home a new person every week for us to meet.

tonight it's a tall boy, rake thin. he's wearing dress pants, a white dress shirt and a tie and he has a sweater ties around his waist. he can't keep eye contact with me as we're introduced. his hands pick nervously at his pants, at his swater. his feet are tapping restlessly.

"drugs? heroin? crack? speed?" the vox likes to imagine things. but it's none of these.

"mike likes humanities people." anna tells me, laughing impishly.

"so do i." i respond, slowly retreating form the twitchy boy in front of me. "especially when they're younger than me."

and yet another reference to the boy. ha- it's still amusing to me.

some people go to church just to sit and talk

when i got home tonight, there was a majestic pineapple sitting on the counter. it was there, waiting for me to eat it. and i didn't even have to buy it. ooooh yeah, tomorrow [assuming i remember to eat] it's going to be some pineapple goodness.

and no, i'm not on crack. quit looking at me like that. just because i got all excited about a pineapple. pshaw.

wait- it is a little odd, isn't it?

ride all night yeah we ride all day

so here's a question:

when i'm walking down a sidewalk, i walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk. if i must pass someone who is walking. very. very. slowly. then i pass them on the left. i have come to the conclusion that this is because in canada we drive on the right side of the road [unless it's a one way street or ther other side looks better] and we've been ingrained with the idea of moving forward on the right side of things.

so my question is this: what about in england? or new zealand? do they stick to the left based on their vehicular traffic scheme? do people walk on the left side of sidewalks and paths? and what about those asian countries that have those wee vehicle that have only one wheel up front, and the driver sits in the middle? do those people feel as if the should always move down the middle of the path?

and are there extremly slow moving people everywhere that constantly inhibit those people like me that enjoy strolling, but not at a pace so leisurely that one will grow old before one reaches one's destination?

i guess that was more than one question.

Friday, October 01, 2004

it leaves you baby if you don't care for it

yesterday evening, caitlin, ashely and i went shopping. food shopping. shopping at the corpoarte giant that is the evil walmart and the other evilness that is loblaws where a can of tuna costs one dollar and seven cents. bah!

you'd think that on a student budget and with three girls searching for the best deal price per unit, there's no way we could spend very much money. however, at the end of the day, our total combined purchases equalled just under four hundred dollars.

i guess i won't be eating in february. in the mean time however- huzzah!