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Saturday, October 02, 2004

ride all night yeah we ride all day

so here's a question:

when i'm walking down a sidewalk, i walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk. if i must pass someone who is walking. very. very. slowly. then i pass them on the left. i have come to the conclusion that this is because in canada we drive on the right side of the road [unless it's a one way street or ther other side looks better] and we've been ingrained with the idea of moving forward on the right side of things.

so my question is this: what about in england? or new zealand? do they stick to the left based on their vehicular traffic scheme? do people walk on the left side of sidewalks and paths? and what about those asian countries that have those wee vehicle that have only one wheel up front, and the driver sits in the middle? do those people feel as if the should always move down the middle of the path?

and are there extremly slow moving people everywhere that constantly inhibit those people like me that enjoy strolling, but not at a pace so leisurely that one will grow old before one reaches one's destination?

i guess that was more than one question.


Blogger James said...

What about Escalators?
<--Walk left
Stand Right-->



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