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Friday, September 24, 2004

hello hello

i came within a few centimetres of rear ending someone last night.

since i have a vehicle here, i am trying to drive it on a regular basis. although this contributes to traffic congestion, pollution and all things bad, it keeps poor vanny from falling apart completely when i need him. ottawa is a bit freakish foe me- all those damned one way streets- but it's beginning to get a bit better.

last night i decided to drive down to south keys to do my grocery shopping. i'd never been there on the bus before, but i pretty much knew where it was. so i hopped in to my trusty...eerm, not-so-trusty...vanny and off i went.

now, the radio is broken in vanny.

when laura and i drove over here, it broke just as we were leaving owne sound. we managed to fix it with a hair clip and some tape, but the tape has gradually peeled away, so now the broken problem returns yet again.

so the drive should have been in complete silence. i mea, there was me talking to myself and singing "beyond the sea" in an off key way, but it should have been quiet. however, my radio suddenly flipped on.

"here's the new one from U2!" the radio guy excliams. "it's called vertigo!"

hence the reason why i nearly rear ended someone and ended up looking like a homicidal maniac when i got to the grocery store. it's good. it's really fucking good.


Blogger melissa... said...

i want to touch the hiney.
it will be mine oh yes, it will be mine.

(i started a blog. diaryland is stupid. and when i didn't have the webbernet [ie my computer] i didn't have the link to your [ie to look @ on rommies computers] blog and i missed it so. i think i like ie's and square brackets today..)

oh yes, i got mail. it was amazing. XOXOXOX



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