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Monday, September 20, 2004

this is my time of the year

i went dumpster diving again.

anna, caitlin, ashley and i decided that our common room needed a little snap, a little pizazz, or, as i like to think of it, a little ghettofab-ness to bring it up to dorm room standards. ashley thought that perhaps there might be some random crap beside the scary assed parking garage, so off we went.

"table with wheels!" i exclaim, pointing with excitmene as we come upon the pile of forgotten refuse. or maybe not so forgotten, as all of the damned tables were chained together. maybe it's time to invest in bolt cutters?

anyways, we retrieved an old [read-last year's style] carleton university sign from amid some broken glass and trudged back to leeds house. when we got to st.patrick's, which is being renovated, i jumped into a dumpster to have a look. sadly, nothing. [happily though, i put on the pants i was wearing last night-fucking covered in alcohol. how much money are my pants worth now i wonder? so the dirt is inconsequential as it's all going to be washed out tomorrow. oh yeah.] just before we trudged upstairs, caitlin made a decent find- an old office chair, orange/yellow in colour, issing only one wheel. definately that ghettofab look we're going for. so i carry the damned thing up four flights [cardiovascular workout accomplished, but i can feel the cigarettes from last night, that's for sure] and it now holds a place of hounour in our room.

tomorrow night, we plan on going to the glebe to hunt for more treasures, as the garbage collection for that neighbourhood is on tuesday.

this is terribly exciting, and i'm still not embarassed.


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