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Friday, September 17, 2004

i like the colour of my hair, i've got a friend who loves me

"i've seen her breasts!" kate exclaims to me, her voice echoing across the line. "now i want to see her brains!"

after too much jesus day, who would have figured that i had it in me to go down to south keys and cart back about eight million pounds [read: seventy five dollars worth] of groceries in my backpack? not i. but i did it. and i mean entirely in my backpack. except the eggs as i was terrified that they would smash, and the bread because i hate it when it gets squished unless i do it on purpose. i'm proud to say that once again, meat will be a part of my diet. after five days, i missed it terribly. tomorrow- death to the thighs of the chicken. and on saturday- death to the piece of beef that could eat my face.

anyways, away from the animal killings and on to kate and the brains. indirectly.

the floor here is very quiet. i'm used to hearing doors slamming and people yelling and the word fuck rebounding everywhere in the halls in residence. it was just engrained in me last year that this was it. leeds is nothing like this. if i even hear a murmur of something it's totally exciting. so this evening, i decided to bake home made chocolate chip cookies from scrath and take them to all those who were awake. after all- how can you not love the gift of cookie? after baking up about four dozen of the cicrles of happiness, anna and i head out on the floor to meet and greet the masses. or at least someone.

first stop was random open door to the left of ours and across the hall. it's a suite of boys. i remember steve had two cookies. and the other boy just one. i guess we know who my favourite there is. mission looking good. next stop: tv lounge. on the way we see someone exiting with a bowl of peas. we stop and meet rochelle, adrienne and tabu, girls in third and fourth year. they're extremely nice and also enjoyed the cookies. except adrienne, as she's a vegan and therefore scorned the use of my animal by-products. back to the tv lounge, where we give cookies to the people wathcing tv only to find out that they aren't even from this floor, just visitors. but it was still nice.

sadly, no one else was out and about.

back to my room, where i finally call kate back. she's watching a movie about a private school of girls. there's some lesbian action, and then, if i remember how it goes, one girl decided that she actually likes boys. i saw the film a long time ago and remember that there was a bird involved.

kate was quite disgusted as the rejected girl leapt to her death from atop the building. hence the boobs and brains comment.

i think it's more than time to go to bed.


Blogger Katy said...

i didn't even get to see her brain! that movie was total bosh.


Blogger James said...

No brains? What was the point? I mean, being a guy, i think the boobs might not have been all that bad, but still. Somehow, justice just isn't served.
Bosh indeed.



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