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Friday, September 17, 2004

by the way i tried to say

in my all consuming passion to write down the mundane happenings of here, i totally forgot about the excitement of my first comment.

now, when i started this...blog.... it's intention was mainly for me to keep track of things because i am a simply terrible journal keeper. i mean the journal where you have to write with a pen, put it all on paper..you know? the journal i do write in has been the same for six years now, and there really aren't a lot of pages in it. anyways, i never expected anyone to read it until i totally pimped mysef out. but the pimping was mainly to my friends, and no one else.

imagine my excitement when andre was the first person to comment.

oh yeah. here i was thinking that no one ever read this thing except me and a few people who hear it all by phone anyways.

man. the attention whore in me is both excited and a little bit freaked out.


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