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Monday, September 13, 2004

and it makes me feel so fine i can't control my brain

my latin instructor rolls into class and instantly recoils at the fifteen girly faces grinning at him.

this morning i woke up rather later then i had planned, but this whole having no calss till eleven thing is definately working to my advantage- afterall, i have no kate to put on bono to wake me up in the morning. anyways, it was discoverd as we sat in the UN room in paterson hall that we were a class made up entirely of girls. until joe came in. he has a unibrow and was even more violent with his recoil than professor jeffereys.

we went through some review- it wasn't too to bad, but i certainly have a lot of brushing up to do with my memorization of gender and how things decline.

i came back to my room for cheese- i swear it's going to be the death of me- and then i went out to take care of my 'business' for the day. OSAP and the registrar's office...also know as placed with the line up of doom. or so i expected, but OSAP only took about an hour and a quarter to take care of, and the girl was massively nice. and the registrar's office had next to no line. but the lady there was mean. woe to me.

on ym way back from all of these, i saw a guy wearing big bad-ass black boots with about a trillion buckles on them. i was going to ask to take a picture of them but i had forgotten my camera.

double damn.


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