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Thursday, September 09, 2004

i am weightless

today was wet.

no, that's a friggin understatement because today i walked through a puddle that was knee deep. today it downpoured for more than six hours. today i see a lake outside of my window. today the sun has not appeared once because of the cloud. today there were eighteen traffic accidents to report at nine am because of wind and rain combinations. today the first floor of my residence had to be evacuated because it flooded. so i guess today was more than wet.

today was also slightly expensive, as i had to buy my first books. the jesus class: one course pack, one textbook. total cost: ninety one dollars and seventy cents. lets all say it together now: OUCH. it's nothing compared to what reason and revelation is going to cost though- i have a total of eight authors that make up my list- and most of them have three books. and then there's the style guide. all together now folks, you know the drill...wahhh....

in other totally random news, i sat around on monday and read most of sayard's blog. she spent the summer in england on a work visa, and seemed to have an awesome time. she sat next to me in latin last year and i keep meaning to get in contact with her. sadly- we all know i suck at this. but i did listen to some of the music she experienced live just now.

septembre in september.

heh. something funny about that to me.


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