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Friday, August 27, 2004

space. yeah...space.

i wandered around the fish shop aimlessly today.

it hardly seems like it but i've been home for four months. four fricking months of this place. i figured out that i worked something like five hundred and forty hours or something- not as much as say kate or melissa- but pretty impressive all things considered. and now, with what's going on, after all my griping and moaning- i'd work there for another four months without complaint.

we've hired another new employee.

this time, it's an ex-con, ex-heroin addict who has an anger management problem. "hi," he introduces himself, "my name's steve." he grins crookedly and laughs a lot. he has a wife and daughter at home and another baby on the way. he enjoys life and is jovial. his mistakes have thus far been laughter inducing and worthy of knee slapping.

so between steve, veronica, andy, marmee, tom and i, we have a happy crewe again.

i'm kinda sorry that i'm leaving. except for that whole wicked bad, yet awesome good-ness of school that awaits me in le olde ottawa- replete with new faces and long bus rides and good food.

nine more sleeps.


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