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Sunday, August 08, 2004

don't let these words be in vain

mom shows me the note heather has left for her father. the front of the envelope says "dad, NOT maureen," the not underlined heavily. so of course we read it. it's not like tom hid it from us or anything anyways.

inside the envelope are four pages full of spite and hatred and blame. heather rants that tom has choosen his wife over his daughter, that he's adopted four children and left three girls orphans. she tells him that because he coddles inferior employees instead of the ones who "work their asses off" his business will fail. maureen is the reason why everyone has left- all of the good employees.

she writes that i am a direct result of my mother.

"cool." pipes up the vox.

is it wrong that after i read her note of hate that i laughed for a good twenty minutes, and then toasted mom with a glass of wine for a battle well fought, and ever better well won?



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