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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

making plans to change the world while the world was changing us

i feel a bit guilty as i hang up the phone.

"yeah, a bit my ARSE!" pipes up the vox, again speaking from a rusty silence. "way to do the one thing that pisses you off the most, the one thing that you vowed to never ever do. beeeyotch."

yesterday i learned how to make pastry. i want to be able to make pie and meat pie and pot pie, well, just pie in general i guess, so mom showed me her fussy pastry recipe and it was a total success. as pies in general are a heart lifting thing i decided to make mini pies and deliver them to those poor souls that i call friends who work at the beach. so i did.

and there was much rejoicing.

melissa and i made tenative plans to go to the movies tonight. and when she called, i backed out, for no sane reason except that tom wanted to go for a drive and he wanted me to come along, to get a feel for the car. i traded in a night with a friend for a car ride.

*slaps self*

i'll have to make up for it with copious amounts of wine, some hot pinup and maybe flowers. yeah.


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