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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

extreme ways

"moby?!?" i squeal, my hands involuntairly flying up towards my mouth in a physical exclaimation of surprise. "MOBY!"

after the nearly heart failure inducing day of swimming in georgian bay, we all came back to my house for dinner [chicken, fried rice and a salad, followed by a dessert worthy of a restaurant i might add] and then headed into town to see the bourne supremacy.

now, i saw the first movie at the drive in with my brother, and all i really remember is my awe of the car chase. i mean, they drove a mini down a stair case. down a fricking stair case, man. the car chase in this movie was equally stunning, although i wish there had been a mini involved somewhere. instead, we had matt damon in a russin taxi bleeding everywhere and pouring vodka on himself and karl urban in some sort of jeep type vehicle with an enforced front end looking all scowl-y, like normal.

and then, at the end of the movie- new york. downtown, the empire state building, you know, typical skyline shot. and the soundtrack was moby.

and damn i just want to see that man do it live.


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