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Saturday, July 10, 2004

you just can't let it go

what is it that makes bad t.v. appealing?

last night i was too knackered after work to really want to do anything, so i decided that i'd watch some t.v. afterall, it was friday night- surely to god there would be something with some quality on.


i forgot about the badness of cable. however, i was presented with the alluring choice of buffy the vampire slayer. so i sat myself down with some forbidden ice cream and prepared to indulge guiltily.

buffy was melissa's soap opera in high school. i remember her talking about it with karen, who also watched religiously, at lunch. the plotline was as complex as humanly possible, and yet it also remained as hokey as can be. i remember one day both karen and melissa were squirming about the episode from the night before.

buffy, after turning invisible because of a mishap with some boys pretending to be villians, goes to the vampire spike's house [why she wasn't slaying him is beyond me, because she's the vampire slayer afterall...] where she proceeds to get it on with him, while she's invisible. of course, xander walks in on it, but because buffy was invisible, he didn't know that's what it was.

i can see and hear melissa now, describing all fo this to me: "horrible! it was HORRIBLE!" she'd exclaimed, a la mary katherine gallagher.

and after viewing said episode, i concur.

it really was horrible. scar-you-for-life horrible.


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