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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony

leslie's hand flies up to her mouth, the wind and mist whipping her hair across the back of it, the sunlight spalshing jaggedly across everything.

"meg...." she giggles, eyes twinkling and hands uselessly flailing at me. "you're killing me here!"

today was one of those days that was perfect. "yeah yeah yeah.." the bitter and cynical vox in me wants to say. "perfect? how can anything be truly perfect?" but the other half of me that is totally dorky believes that even the imperfect can be perfect. so although, imperfect, it was perfect.

leslie and i went and made a sand castle. just a regular run of the mill sand castle. we went and saw kate at the ice cream store and stole pieces of peanut-butter from the peanut-butter-and-chocolate ice cream. we went to the patch, saw melissa and made impromptu plans for dinner, which actually coalesced into something tangible and real.

"hell," pipes up the vox. "you even baked cookies!"

kate and i were together butnotlikethat, something that hasn't happened in a while. leslie and i got to just talk without having to worry about bus schedules and readings, and melissa called me a mom. i love it.

maybe i'm finally getting convincing at this whole pretending to be an adult thing here.

heh. got myself fooled, that's for sure.


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