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Sunday, May 09, 2004

there is a silence that comes to a house where no one can sleep

yesterday was wonderful. yesterday was glorious. yesterday, i had no problems....

"umm..hello paul mccartney ripoff!" caught between bad fake coughs, courtsey of the vox.

ok, ok. it was wonderful and good until heather came to work. well, not really to work. she shuffles in the back door in her pajamas and slippers and wanders around looking lost while me and andy and mom are processing fish as fast as we bloody well can. when she finally leaves, and tom right after her my mom flips the bird in her general direction.

"does she think that's cute?" she asks me, referring to heather's pajamas. "maybe when she was a little kid...but now that's just fucking tacky."

and people wonder why i'm blunt sometimes.


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