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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

the sky may look blue

the voice scream in my headphones, but for some reason there's more comfort there then anywhere else.

after my classics exam yesterday, which went much better then expected, kate and liz and i hopped on the o-train and went down to greenborough to do some necessary shopping. i wanted to pick up some coffee and milk, because i miss coffee in the morning, and also a certain album by pink floyd.

when my parents were splitting up, when we lived on thirteenth street, we all used music as an escape. every day after school, and then again after the silent and tense affair that was dinner [complete with food from the food bank because we had no money] we would listen to the wall. the story of this troubled and protected man, eventually being forced to out himself to the world seemed to connect to all of us on some level. kelly told me that it was making her feel better, so i bought it.

i also picked up midol, coffee and milk as planned. walmart is such a weird place for buying stuff.

and then, kate spoiled me immensely by buying me dogma, which is way funnier than i remember. when alan rickman ripped off his pants, revealing his lack of goods, i had to avert mine eyes for fear of death by laughter.

"not the kind of man you'd want in the sack eh mate?" pipes up the inner voice.


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