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Thursday, April 15, 2004

jamming good

ganesha stares at me as it arrives, in it's own silver bowl. she places it on the small burner heated by tea lights and follows with the mini pile of rice that is in its own silver covered dish. i hardly wait, scarfing a bit as soon as its decent, and i begin to understand what kelly has been raving about.

after enduring another long bus ride home, which included seeing people from high school, a fourteen dollar sandwich and a movie that made me want to cry and jump for joy at the same time, i was thrust back into the realm of stuuuuuuuudy most unwillingly.

half way through memorizing the pluperfect subjunctive active and passive forms in latin, i suddenly realize that i've left my humanties notes in wiarton.

things begin to slide downhill.

when the fire alarm goes off at four am i'm beyond angry. kate's so scared she scurries away and i fume inwardly while leaning againt a wall, wanting only that the person responsible die slowly. waking up is no easy chore, but i've got a bit of coffee to get me through the rough spots. i stumble to latin, almost late, and master the exam.

and i mean master it.

then there's a few hours, bitter loss over the lost notes and then another exam that doesn't go as well, because the proctor literally rips it from my hands.

"old bat.." it mumbles, but i let it slide. she did look kinda rodent-ish...

and then, as i'm about to head to the cafeteria with liz, i am asked out to dinner by my bubble half. liz shoves me and says go! sternly, so it's off to the light of india for butter chicken. we walked along the canal, admired the houses, talking about everything and nothing. mainly, we focussed on how fast the year has gone by.

and then, there was butter chicken.

move over jesus.


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