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Saturday, April 10, 2004

reach out and touch me

after spending a considerable amount of time moping about the house and feeling like an ass in general, i accompany mom and kelly and ayshia to the grocery store. on a whim, we decide that we can eat a late dinner, and that it can indeed be turkey. we load up on goods, sticking them in my backpack and carefully loaded bags.

we're walking, of course. after all, i've killed any vehicle we might have used. whups.

my spirits are lifted accordingly, however when we return home.

"look!" exclaims ayshia, lifting her shirt and pointing to her stomach. scrawled in pen are the words PIE and WORD! with and arrow pointing to her stomach.

"this dinner is going to be astoundingly majestic." she tells me, as we unload our well-packed grocery bags.


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