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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

let's go to places no one else has seen

"i don't know what's going on..." i state into the empty room, staring at my computer screen and the chunk of bad british television i am watching. "...but this is fantastic!"

after slaving away on the essay, i had been looking forward to some high quality internet time wasting. however, friday afternoon marked the beginning of a three day internet blackout here at carleton. the entire network was down, so that meant that no one had any access to their precious email, or websites, or downloads....you could see it in people's eyes as they walked past. they had that look, the one where they're being deprived of something.

"you're all a bunch of internet junkies!" well, for once it has a point. but then, there's not a whole lot else for us to do if we want to procrastinate and yet still feel as if we're getting something done.

time and time again, all weekend, i would click on the internet explorer icon.

"internet? i would queriey. but it was never there. until monday night.

to be honest, i got a lot of stuff done this weekend. a lot more than i usually do.

maybe i should get kate to hide my internet-cord-thingy on a regular basis in order to inspire me.


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