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Monday, March 08, 2004

i like the way you move

i wander into our resfellow's room, attracted mainly by the fact that the door is open. tuesday is inside, talking to tomi, and they both seem to have no problem with my entrance.

carmen wanders in.

"does anyone know where the fuck...uh..chapelwhite is?"

everyone is planning their living placements for next year, finding houses and apartments and figuring out how they will pay the rent and the bills and everything else. then there's me. i'm all about getting a house with people, but not yet. i intend to stay in residence for atleast one more year. i want to get to know ottawa better. i want to have the safety of the familiar. i want to avoid this last step of detachment from ome for a while longer.

the problem is, carleton is thinking about turning residence into a first year only place. this means that even though i have kept up my marks, been good, adhered to the rules and only yelled "sanctuary!" once, i still might be out in the cold with my treasured things come next september.

"but how will you do it? where will you find a house? what will happen if you have no one to live with?" i calm the inner voice by telling it to hope for the best.

c'mon leeds house. you know you want me living in you next year.

even if you don't know it yet.


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