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Saturday, March 06, 2004

and they were dancing and groovin and moving to the music...

people on our floor always congregate right outside our door.

i guess i could take this as a compliment. i mean, maybe our door is fun to look at, or something. but usually, it's just people bitching at each other or spraying shaving cream at things. either way, them screeching outside isn't always fun.

they had congregated. and they were yelling about sushi.

"i have an urge to watch evolution....still." kate informs me over the sushi drone.

sadly, neither one of us owns this movie. or maybe it's a good thing?

i do however have the song that has forever been etched into my head from that movie as a song to listen to while driving on my hard drive. play that funky music by the wild cherries. so i put that on.

within three minutes kate and i are grasping our heads in pain, making high pitched wheezing noises, unable to breathe properly from laughing.

i thought they were good dance moves.

ok, so maybe not the homicidal chicken. but riding the pony was.


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