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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

you're already the voice inside my head

i woke up confused, like always, with the phone ringing. of course i stumbled for it, and even maganged to answer it.

"hellumppfg?" yeah that made a lot of sense i'm sure.

luckily it was my marmee, so she knew exactly what my grunt noise meant. we chatted up a storm, mainly due to the fact that we haven't really talked in over a month. it was like we were two kettles vying for steam relase...or something.

"two kettles??...." i shut it up before it even gets going.

we talk until it was past time for my morning class to start.

meh. we were doing something. i'm sure i can read about it. i had a shower and ate some cheese, listening to moby at volumes that were sure to induce anger on the parts of both my neighbours and my eardrums.

time for second class.

except the phone rings again. this time, it's my sister kelly.

before i can even ask, she blurts out "guess who's going to new zealand?!?"

my sister is one of those insanely bright people who, once setting her mind to something, accomplishes it or else. she has applied to spend a year abroad in the land of hobbits, as i teasingly tell her, and now she's going.

i'm both estatic and frantic.

new zealand is such a long way away from here. she won't even be in the same day as me.


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