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Friday, March 12, 2004

children of the revolution

i always clean on thursday nights. it was just something that i established last semseter, a way to begin the weekend. it also used to be laundry night, but that went out the hatch some time soon after christmas. anyways, tonight i was cleanig as usual, and went to empty my recycling bin in the lounge.

tomi and tuesday were in there, talking and gesticulating with animation. i was greeted with the phrase:

"that's a room mighty full of negroes."

i have to clairify here that tomi is an african canadian, and that it was her who was saying this. she likes to make fun of stereotypes and labels people place on racial groups, namely her own racial group. she got us laughing quite a bit, but i felt like it was an 'on the edge' kind of laugh.

luckily, tomi is a sweet and kind person, and she meant no offence, either to us or to anyone of any race.

we were then all scandalized by beyonce's ass, something we all agreed was quite impressive.


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