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Friday, April 09, 2004


i see it hurling at me at what seems an impossible speed as i'm finishing my turn.

"no fucking way." the inner voice gets out, and then i gun the van hoping or praying that maybe it won't hit me, maybe everything will be okay, maybe i'm not cursed. except then there's this horrible screech of metal and two noise and the sound of glass going everywhere and i know, oh i just know, that once again i've demolished another van. and this time, another vehicle along with it.

after studying the bible and re-reading a lot of crap, today was going to be my day off. i was going to go for lunch at my nana's, then loop back into town and take mot. melissa and james out for dinner. then a bunch of were going to go off to the theatre and see hidalgo. lunch with my nana was fantastic. i drove mom to wiarton and came back into town, arriving at melissa's and feeling like OAC all over again. we lounged and talked on her bed and were just plain idiots. when the boys got home, we gave them time to tidy up and then we decided on kelsey's for dinner.

i'm actually rather upset that i missed it. i was going to have this shrimp and rice dish i simply love.

instead, i am almost but not quite T-boned by betty adair right beside the hospital and OSCVI.

she hits us hard enought to send up sliding about twelve feet, blowing out both tires on the left hand side of the van and bruising us where our seatbelts dig in. her car is a write off, the front end being smahed entirely on the passenger side. when she emerges from her vehicle, which is burning and filled with smoke, she turns on me, telling me that i pulled right in front of her.

i'd love to say i'm not at fault. betty is in her seventies. the sun was in her eyes. she was late for a class she was teaching down at her store. i saw no evidence of braking, no skid marks on the pavement. i can't in my mind's eye see her coming, because there is a dip in the road there. but maybe i didn't look, maybe i wasn't paying attention. maybe maybe maybe.....

but, because i was turning left, i am automatically at fault according to the law. i have been charged with failing to afford resonable opportuinity to aviod collison- a one hundred and ten dollar fee. my insurance rate for a year will now total about two thousand dollars. and best of all, i put everyone i was driving with at risk.

don't i feel just great.

"hey, c'mon now." ooooOoh, is this a pep talk of sorts? "at least now you can say you're a statistic."

well, there's something to take off of my to do list.


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